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Unveiling readywear by Field Grey: Meeting Modern Workwear Needs


Crafting a Timeless Narrative

In the vast universe of brand stories, some simply shimmer while others shine with a brilliance that’s hard to miss. readywear by Field Grey firmly belongs to the latter category. An evolution years in the making, this curated collection of 36 distinct uniform pieces stands poised to dazzle attendees at the 2023 London Design Fair.

The Genesis of readywear: A Vision Brought to Life

Every design, stitch, and colour choice in the readywear collection is more than just fabric deep; it’s a representation of Field Grey’s commitment to redefining workwear. The brand’s essence is encapsulated in its drive to craft uniforms that aren’t merely worn but are embraced as a part of one’s daily identity.

A Symphony of Thirty-Six Key Pieces

Delving deeper into the collection, readywear boasts of a holistic range designed for the modern workforce. Aprons that spell elegance, utility jackets that exude authority, and waistcoats tailored to perfection — every piece tells its own story, all while harmonising with the overarching ethos of Field Grey. The lineup also introduces modern classics such as chinos, spa trousers, shirts, tunic tops, pinafores, and a finely curated range of accessories.

Meeting the Pulse of Modern Workwear

What truly distinguishes readywear in the crowded arena of uniform design is its resonance with the present-day workwear demands. Modern workspaces are continually evolving, and so are the needs of the professionals who breathe life into them. This collection understands those needs, offering a blend of design aesthetics that are contemporary yet timeless, coupled with an unwavering focus on practicality.

Set to Steal the Spotlight: London Design Fair 2023

As the year advances, the anticipation builds. Come September, readywear by Field Grey is primed to be one of the showstoppers at the esteemed London Design Fair. Those eager to witness this confluence of design and function firsthand should mark their calendars for the grand unveil between 21st September 2023 and 24th September 2023. The stage? Stand No: 1B44. A space where readywear’s vision will come alive, and attendees can experience the collection’s tactile appeal and intricate craftsmanship.

Blending Legacy with Futuristic Vision

At its core, readywear isn’t just about clothing. It’s about a movement — one that challenges the status quo of uniform design. By melding a rich legacy with forward-thinking innovation, Field Grey seeks to bridge the past, present, and future. readywear is the embodiment of this mission, spotlighting the brand’s unwavering dedication to elevating workwear standards globally.

The journey of readywear is a testament to Field Grey‘s vision of creating not just uniforms but experiences. As we inch closer to the 2023 London Design Fair, the industry awaits with bated breath. readywear is not just poised to meet expectations but to redefine them. It’s not merely about unveiling a collection; it’s about heralding a new era in modern workwear.