Field Grey 2023: A Year in Review


As we bid farewell to another eventful year, we’re thrilled to reflect on the milestones we’ve achieved in 2023. This year has been marked by groundbreaking collaborations, innovative designs, and a steadfast commitment to sustainability. Let’s dive into the highlights and personal picks from our team members who’ve made this year truly remarkable.

Janice Turner: Wagamama X Pangaia

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The Wagamama X Pangaia Project

2023 has been a landmark year for Field Grey, particularly with the groundbreaking Wagamama X Pangaia project. Janice Turner, Founder & Creative Director, shares her insights and pride in being part of this pioneering initiative.

Janice Turner said, “I am so very proud to be part of the catalyst to this pioneering project with Wagamama, and this is why I have chosen this as my project of the 2023
Field Grey has garnered a strong reputation over the years for working with global brands on unique projects from design brand collaborations; looking at what the future thinking of BrandApparel might be, we also quality assure global collections for brands, helping to deliver on transparency, encouraging better practices and products as a result.
We wanted to believe it was possible to create a solution where there was an appetite to deliver on the promise.
There is a momentous impact of a large hospitality chain such as Wagamama with sites all over the UK to deliver a strong foundation for a circular uniform. The old uniform from over 85 restaurants is now being recycled into Pangaia Hoodies for merch in 2024! I aim to be first in line to be the recipient of one!
I hope this will actively encourage other brands to affiliate with companies that can make this happen and we would be happy to be part of that journey with them!”

Alice Beavis: Steering into the Automotive Industry

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Automotive industry

2023 marked a significant milestone for Field Grey, as we ventured into the dynamic and demanding automotive industry. Alice Beavis, Product Developer, spearheaded this exciting venture, bringing a fresh perspective and innovative approach to uniform design in the automotive sector.

“This project was not just another assignment; it was a journey into the heart of automotive excellence”. The challenge was to develop uniforms that were not only functional and comfortable for the diverse roles within the automotive industry but also reflective of a prestigious brand identity.

Alice highlights the meticulous process of selecting materials that align with both the functional requirements of automotive professionals and Field Grey’s sustainability ethos. “Partnering with Woolmark, we explored innovative manufacturing technologies for wool, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in uniform fabric development,”. This collaboration was pivotal in creating uniforms that were durable, comfortable, and environmentally responsible.

Alice Beavis shares her excitement about Field Grey’s foray into the automotive sector. “Working with a leader in innovative engineering was a fantastic challenge,” she says. The project involved selecting sustainable materials in collaboration with Woolmark, underscoring Field Grey’s commitment to traceability and ethical manufacturing.

As the project progressed, Alice and her team kept a keen eye on the future, considering how each design choice could lead to better practices in the industry. “Our aim was to create a product line that not only served its immediate purpose but also set a precedent for sustainability and innovation in automotive uniforms,” she reflects.

This project stands as a testament to Field Grey’s ability to blend function with fashion, sustainability with sophistication, and tradition with innovation. As we move forward, it remains a shining example of our commitment to redefining uniform design in every industry we touch.

readywear’s® Neckercheif Range

[Comments from Amie Hartland]

London Coliseum x Field Grey

2023 was a year of artistic innovation at Field Grey, marked notably by our collaboration with the London Coliseum. Amie Hartland, Designer, deeply involved in this project, shares her experiences and the creative process behind this unique venture.

“Our collaboration with the London Coliseum was an exhilarating challenge,”. This project was about more than just designing uniforms; it was focused on creating a capsule collection that skillfully bridged the gap between formal tailoring and workwear. The goal was to craft a wardrobe that not only suited the Progressive staff of the Coliseum but also embodied the spirit of innovation and respect for tradition that the venue is known for.

The centrepiece of the collection was a sophisticated three-piece suit, encompassing formal trousers, a jacket, and a waistcoat. “We wanted to provide the Coliseum staff with adaptable attire that could be mixed and matched according to the season or occasion,”. This flexibility was key to ensuring the staff felt comfortable and stylish, regardless of their role or the event.

A standout item in the collection was the Doorperson coat, combining formality with practicality. “This coat was designed to be more than just a uniform; it’s a statement piece that resonates with the grandeur of the London Coliseum,”. It represents a blend of classic tailoring and modern design, embodying the Coliseum’s ethos.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of the designs was the inclusion of special pocket linings made from off-cuts from the ENO’s production of ‘Madame Butterfly.’ “Each garment features a different fabric swatch, making every piece one-of-a-kind”. This sustainable practice not only minimises waste but also infuses the uniforms with a sense of personalisation and storytelling.

What truly sets this design element apart, and the reason it resonates so deeply, is its subtle, personal nature. These unique fabric linings are hidden within the garments, known only to the staff wearing them. This creates a special bond between the wearer and their uniform, adding a personalised touch that remains unseen by the general public. This thoughtful detail beautifully captures the essence of personalisation in design, making it a cherished aspect of the collection.

Georgeena Hatzis: Shell Uniform Mobility Guidelines

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Redefining Excellence: Updating the Shell Uniform Mobility Guidelines

Georgeena, Junior Designer, embarked on an extensive project at the start of the year, one that would see the comprehensive update of the Shell Uniform Mobility Guidelines. This venture was not only about integrating the new EV hub Recharge uniforms but also about infusing the guidelines with fresh and exhilarating Ferrari branding.

“The project was immense, involving the analysis of each garment within the guidelines to determine the optimal scale for the Ferrari logo”. Collaborating closely with Shell and Ferrari, she played a critical role in refining the logo measurements, ensuring that the guidelines were not just updated but enhanced.

Over 200 pages were meticulously revised to incorporate the new Ferrari logo, reflecting Georgeena’s attention to detail and commitment to brand integrity. “It was a significant undertaking to integrate the new sketches and technical specifications for the EV hub recharge uniforms, but seeing the guidelines go live successfully was incredibly gratifying”.

The culmination of this project was marked by Georgeena assisting Shell in presenting the new edition of the Shell Uniform Mobility Guidelines to a global audience. It was a moment that underscored Field Grey’s expertise and Georgeena’s exceptional dedication.

Georgia Whitear: Hilton Park Lane Uniforms

[Comments from Georgia Whitear]

Georgia’s Visionary Work on the Hilton Park Lane Uniforms

In early 2023, Georgia, Junior Designer, led a remarkable project for the iconic Hilton on Park Lane, as introduced by Gorgeous Group, a hospitality agency, to design uniforms for two new gastronomic destinations within the hotel. The Park Corner Brasserie and the Revery Bar, each with their unique ambience, required a distinctive uniform approach to match their individual narratives.

For the Brasserie, the team at Hilton chose trainers from the heritage brand Norman Walsh to compliment our collection. They skillfully incorporated the venue’s palette of greens into the staff’s attire, seamlessly blending the chosen footwear with the overall design theme. This decision not only enhanced the aesthetic alignment with the interior design but also provided comfort for the staff, merging form with function. However, it was the bespoke waistcoat-fronted apron that stood out as a signature piece. “It’s the perfect fusion of formality and versatility,” Georgia explains, “a garment that elevates the traditional waistcoat into something more practical and stylish for the modern hospitality environment.”

The Revery bar presented an opportunity to delve into luxury, resulting in the creation of bespoke red velvet jackets for the floor managers and head bartenders. “This limited run of just 12 jackets, handcrafted in a London studio from the finest 100% cotton velvet, was a project highlight for me”. These jackets not only encapsulate the opulence of the Revery bar but also embody the craftsmanship that Field Grey is renowned for.

Field Grey in 2024

As we look towards 2024, Field Grey remains committed to pushing the boundaries of uniform design and sustainability. Our journey this year, from the collaborative triumph with Wagamama and Pangaia to the theatrical elegance of the London Coliseum, reflects our dedication to innovation and ethical practices.

We eagerly anticipate what the future holds and invite you to join us in this exciting journey of fashion, function, and sustainability.

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