Field Grey’s Insights from Premiere Vision Paris: Navigating the Future of Fashion for Spring/Summer 2025


At Field Grey, we’re always trying to blend style with sustainability, a mission that recently took our team to the heart of the fashion world’s future: the annual Premiere Vision (PV) textile & supplier fair in Paris. 

This event is the crystal ball of the fashion industry, forecasting the trends that will shape our wardrobes and, more importantly, the ethos of design in the coming seasons. For Spring/Summer 2025, PV painted a future vibrant with colour and rich in sustainable innovation. 

A Spectrum of Change: Colour Trends for 2025 

The palette forecasted for the season is a harmonious blend of bright, luminous, and powdery pastel hues. Golden yellows are engineered to capture and reflect light, reminiscent of the sun’s natural warmth and vitality. Turquoises offer a refreshing coolness, tempered by earthy colours such as burgundy, titanium and salty greys.

The pastels featured were delicate and airy, with a powdery finish, giving a tactile quality as if each thread were softly dusted with pigment. This subtlety in colouration is achieved through advancements in the layering of dyes and the controlled interplay with natural and artificial light. 

PV’s prediction that Spring/Summer 2025 will be a period of profound change is rooted in the technological strides within the textile industry. These colour trends are set against the backdrop of a regenerative approach to fashion design, emphasising the role of technology in creating a more sustainable future.

Weaving Sustainability into Every Thread 

The fabric trends for 2025 are loud and clear: sustainability is not just a choice but a necessity. At PV, we explored an array of sustainable textile developments that are set to redefine the world of fashion. The use of natural, plant-based materials and artificial cellulosic developments means that the industry is making significant strides towards genuine sustainability in garment manufacture.

There was a particular focus on the product’s end-of-life cycle and traceability of fibres on how and where they are made.

At Field Grey, we’re committed to incorporating these trends into our client collections, our ongoing focusing on durability and functionality, especially for workwear.