Field Grey and The London Coliseum: Crafting History with a Modern Twist


When the curtains of London’s grand theatres rise, they reveal tales of history, drama, and dreams. In a similar vein, when Field Grey embarked on a journey with The London Coliseum, London’s most iconic theatre, the aim was to weave a narrative that paid homage to the theatre’s rich legacy while signalling its futuristic ambitions.

Field Grey’s First Theatrical Act

Marking our foray into the theatre world, we teamed up with The London Coliseum to reinvent the BrandApparel for their remarkable staff. The Coliseum, in late 2021, stood on the precipice of a significant renovation aimed at modernising its storied spaces. To complement this evolution, the Coliseum envisioned a uniform that mirrored the progressive spirit of its team.

Design Details: Tradition Meets Trend

The resulting collection is a blend of reverence for history and anticipation for the future:

  • The centrepiece is a three-piece suit – formal trousers, jacket, and waistcoat, paired with a Doorperson coat. This allows for adaptability, with staff having the freedom to combine these garments per season or occasion.
  • Adorning the apparel is a bespoke gold ‘Coliseum’ brooch, inspired by the iconic globe that’s become emblematic of the theatre’s skyline. To ensure the longevity of the garments, jackets and waistcoats feature eyelet holes, facilitating the adornment of brooches, including the critical pronoun badges, without inflicting damage over time.
  • The pleated bib shirt introduces formality sans the constraints of a tie, exuding a sleek elegance.
  • A ‘show-stopper’ detail lies within the jackets: fabric remnants from the costumes of ENO’s production of Madame Butterfly. This ingenious touch champions sustainability and infuses each jacket with a unique flair, ensuring no two pieces are identical.
  • The Doorperson coat, a hybrid of the classic car and pea coats, is spruced up with a gold trim, raised piping on the sleeves, and bespoke gold buttons reminiscent of the Coliseum globe. Made with luxurious navy wool from a UK supplier, it boasts a buttonhole on the left-hand lapel. This thoughtful addition aligns with the theatre’s new in-house florist, enabling staff to sport flower buttonholes, which can be theme-specific for events, like pink for breast cancer awareness day.
  • The colour palette, though rooted in tradition, takes a bold step. Instead of the typical navy, the team opted for a theatrical royal blue, which mirrors the drama and intensity of the stage.

Fitting the Future

For Field Grey, the process didn’t end at design. We engaged in a hands-on fitting session with the Coliseum staff, ensuring that each uniform was tailored to perfection. This session wasn’t just about measurements. It was an opportunity to understand the staff’s sentiments, gather feedback, and witness firsthand the pride and appreciation for the care put into crafting uniforms that made them look and feel their best.

The Essence of the Ensemble

The new uniforms for The London Coliseum go beyond mere apparel. They’re a statement of change, a bridge between the theatre’s illustrious past and its dynamic future. In the theatre, costumes help actors transition into their roles, making them feel the part. Similarly, these uniforms are designed to instil pride, foster a sense of belonging, and signify the ushering in of a new era for the London Coliseum.

And so…The Curtain Rises!

The London Coliseum and Field Grey collaboration tells a story – of respect for legacy, anticipation for the future, and a commitment to sustainable, innovative design. The curtain rises on a new chapter for the Coliseum, and Field Grey is honoured to be a part of this historic transformation.