Field Grey’s Murano Restaurant Portrait Series


At Field Grey, we’re always excited to see our designs in action, and our latest portrait series at the Michelin-starred Murano restaurant in Mayfair, London, was no exception. This series not only showcases our uniforms but also highlights the dynamic individuals who bring these garments to life.

Murano: A Blend of Elegance and Comfort

Murano, one of Angela Hartnett’s exquisite Italian restaurants and a jewel in London’s culinary crown, offers an experience that goes beyond just fine dining. With its September 2023 relaunch, Murano continues to charm food enthusiasts and casual diners alike.

The Uniforms: Simple, Stylish, Comfortable

Our collaboration with Murano involved supplying a simple yet stylish collection, consisting of the plain bib shirt in micro stripe blue and the button-up waistcoat in navy from our readywear range. These pieces reflect the balance of elegance and ease that Murano is known for.

The People Behind the Uniforms

Capturing the essence of those who wear our uniforms was essential. Our team met with various staff members, each with their own unique story, style, and connection to Murano.

  • Analise: Hailing from Queensland, Australia, Analise has been part of the Murano team since December 2022. Her appreciation for the comfort and fit of the uniform aligns perfectly with her personal style, influenced by trends she follows on Pinterest.
  • Leanne: With 1 ½ years at Murano, Leanne loves the restaurant’s laid-back feel. As a receptionist, she finds the new uniform comfortable and unrestrictive, reflecting her love for beach outings on sunny days.
  • Andrew: The Sommelier, hailing from South Africa, Andrew pairs exquisite wines with Murano’s dishes. A recent recipient of the level 3 certification in Sommellerie, Andrew sports a grape badge on his uniform, symbolising his expertise. In his leisure time, he prefers comfortable attire, aligning with his active lifestyle.
  • Yvonne: From Ghana, Yvonne balances her work at Murano with her studies in Radiotherapy. She finds the uniform’s comfort perfect for her busy life, which also includes craft and crochet.
  • Yannis: A new addition to Murano, Yannis is venturing into the fashion world with his casual/loungewear brand, Tria. His style? Smart casual.
  • Yarra: From Perth, Australia, Yarra enjoys the relaxed fit of her uniform. Her hobbies include social netball and exploring second-hand shopping.

Our portrait series at Murano highlights not just our uniforms but the diverse, vibrant lives of those who wear them. It’s about understanding the people behind the garments, their stories, and how our designs fit into their lives both at work and beyond.