Murano Restaurant’s Elegant Revamp with Field Grey’s readywear


Murano Restaurant: A Culinary Beacon in Mayfair

Murano, a Michelin-starred culinary haven nestled in the prestigious Mayfair, is synonymous with the finest Italian dining experience in London. Under the stewardship of celebrated chef Angela Hartnett, the restaurant is lauded for its simple yet elegant Italy-inspired cuisine. In September 2023, Murano London marked a significant chapter in its journey, unveiling a refreshed look and feel that continues to enchant London’s food connoisseurs.

Field Grey’s Collaboration with Murano

In anticipation of its high-profile reopening, Murano sought to elevate its staff’s attire. They turned to Field Grey in August 2023, attracted by the distinct quality and style of the readywear collection. Understanding the restaurant’s need for uniforms that resonate with their ethos.

The Versatility of readywear for Murano

The collaboration resulted in a selection of readywear’s plain bib shirt and button-up waistcoat. readywear’s versatility makes it an ideal choice for such a distinguished project, embodying the principles of timeless design and exceptional quality.

  • readywear Plain Bib Shirt: The chosen blue micro stripe shirt is more than a piece of clothing; it’s a statement of effortless elegance. Its looser fit ensures staff comfort without sacrificing style, crucial in the bustling environment of a top-tier restaurant. The shirt’s material, a blend of cotton and polyester, offers durability and ease of maintenance.
  • readywear Button-Up Waistcoat: Complementing the shirt, the navy waistcoat adds a layer of refined sophistication. This piece diverges from the traditional waistcoat design, offering a modern twist that aligns perfectly with Murano’s contemporary yet classic ambiance.

Ensuring Excellence in Delivery

Field Grey’s commitment to quality extends beyond design to delivery. Each garment underwent rigorous quality checks and was sorted and packaged with precision, ensuring that the Murano team received uniforms that met the high standards both Murano and Field Grey uphold.

Why readywear is Ideal for Murano

The readywear collection’s inherent versatility and timeless design make it a perfect match for Murano’s needs. The collection offers the flexibility to create a unique look that is both contemporary and classic, mirroring the restaurant’s culinary philosophy.

As Murano enters this new era, its team is outfitted in a uniform that reflects the restaurant’s commitment to excellence — in both its cuisine and its presentation. Field Grey is proud to contribute to Murano’s continued legacy as a pillar of London’s fine dining scene.