wagamama x Pangaia Launch


In early 2022, wagamama approached Field Grey with a challenge to bring a new collaborator to the table for their uniforms throughout their 165 of businesses across the UK and to help unite the worlds of food and fashion.

A simplified version of wagamamas brief:

“When designing new team uniforms for our restaurant, we must prioritise sustainability in material and disposal, ensure comfort and inclusivity, offer individual expression while reflecting Japanese aesthetics, resonate with younger audiences, abide by a 20-week lead time, stick to a reasonable budget, and engage teams in feedback and rigorous testing”

The result was a captivating partnership with wagamama and Pangaia . As orchestrators of this innovative union, our journey from conception to realisation was a shared vision for sustainability and brand revitalisation.

Janice Turner, the founder of Field Grey, reflects on this journey, “Design is our language, our heartbeat. With wagamama and Pangaia, we had the chance to speak volumes. This collaboration signifies more than a merger of brands; it’s a manifestation of shared values and a collective vision to redefine sustainability in the restaurant industry that resonate with diverse audiences whilst championing eco-consciousness and individuality.”

The Journey

Yet our endeavour wasn’t solely fixated on visual appeal; it penetrated the essential intersection where form coexists with function. Understanding the pivotal role of wagamama’s employees in shaping the dining experience, we were acutely aware that the garments would significantly impact their efficacy, their confidence, and their overall well-being. This principle, wherein design transcends mere aesthetics to genuinely elevate, forms the cornerstone of our ethos.

Fortified with these insights, we curated a playbook for internal stakeholders. Far more than a guide, this comprehensive resource serves as a strategic vision for what brand partnerships could truly achieve, assisting wagamama in identifying the ideal collaborator for a mutually beneficial, enduring relationship. Additionally, the discovery of original 90’s wagamama t-shirts on Depop not only underlined the brand’s existing appeal but also highlighted the imperative of continuing this trajectory with sustainability and community at the heart of the programme of work 

At Field Grey, we are not just fashion designers; we are architects of change, driven by a passion for sustainable innovation and a love for fashion that speaks volumes. 

This isn’t just a project; it’s a movement, a testament to what can be unleashed when brands unite. Here fashion doesn’t just follow function; it inspires, it captivates, and it sets a new standard for the industry. We’re not just designing brand apparel; we’re weaving sustainability and future proofing the brand identitiy, creating pieces that don’t just look good, they do good.

wagamama x Pangaia

In collaborating with wagamama, Pangaia didn’t just bring their expertise; they magnified the project’s scope and ambition, embedding an innovative approach to sustainability that aligns perfectly with wagamama’s ethos and future direction. 

This isn’t merely a collaboration; it’s a revolution in the making, setting the stage for an industry-wide shift towards a more innovative and sustainable future. It’s not just about doing things differently; it’s about doing them better, for everyone involved. And in this joint venture, both wagamama and Pangaia are not just participating; they’re leading the way.

We recognised the unique synergy between these two pioneering brands, each committed to pushing the boundaries in their respective fields. In uniting them, we’re not just facilitating a partnership; we’re instigating a seismic shift in the industry, charting a course toward a future where innovation and sustainability are not merely buzzwords, but the gold standard. And in doing so, we’re not just making a statement; we’re making history.

What wagamama said:

“The team at Field Grey acted as a wonderful extension of our team during our uniform collaboration project. Their creative firepower and industry knowledge was a great support on a project that felt quite out of our remit initially. We loved working with the brilliant personalities within the Field Grey team and would recommend them in a heartbeat.”

Kelly Lithgow, Director of Creative Content at wagamama