Accessory Design
Well-designed accessories are a valuable component of a branded uniform solution and add key points of interest around colour, texture and form. We create a range of bespoke accessories; from ties, belts, gloves, brooches and pins, to hats, shoes, handbags, courier bags and carry-on luggage.

Some accessories have proved so popular they’ve even been sold on as merchandise.

Account Management
Our Creative Director Janice Turner oversees all our projects, ensuring attention to detail in not just the design and production process, but also in your contact with us. Janice is supported by an experienced and enthusiastic team who bring creativity and expertise to all aspects of our work. From invoicing and inventory to design and manufacture, you can always be sure of a reliable and consistent level of service.

Brand & Designer Collaboration
We’ve enjoyed many successful collaborations and product placements with a variety of both local and international designers and craftspeople. Together, we deliver unique uniforms that reflect our clients’ brand values and enhance customer experiences. Collaborators have included New Balance, Grenson, D.S.Dundee, Alice Made This, Julian J Smith, Tim Soar, Drake’s Ties and Hudson Shoes.

Fabric Research & Development
We work with fabric and trimming suppliers from all over the world to offer the finest and most appropriate materials for our clients’ projects. We test materials for quality, durability, consistency, and to ensure the fabrics meet our clients’ specified performance criteria.

Grooming & Uniform Surgeries
A uniform is a crucial aspect of the working environment, so it’s essential your team look and feel great in the outfits we create. We develop workshops to help our clients understand how to get the best out of their new uniforms. With focus on grooming and styling tips, we ensure everyone knows how to look their best in their uniforms. We also help employees understand the painstaking process involved in creating a unique set of clothes which, in turn, enhances their experience of their employer’s brand.

Market Research
We conduct detailed research into every aspect of a client’s brand, service and sector. We visit client locations to become better acquainted with the brand environment and to ensure every aspect of the collection reflects and supports the experience they want customers to enjoy. On a practical level, we also ensure fabrics and styles support staff in their day-to-day activities.

Print & Textile Design
We think print is an elegant, subtle way to reflect a brand’s attributes. Our fully trained designers research the various components of a client’s environment, products and services before carefully managing the print process. The final designs will perfectly complement the finished uniforms – like our bespoke digital print designs for South Place Hotel, which echo both the architecture of the building and the dazzling lights of the City of London at night.

Project Management
Our project managers expertly control resources, procedures and protocols to achieve outstanding, durable uniform solutions. We have considerable experience managing large, complex uniform design and manufacturing projects across multiple sites, both in the UK and globally.

Sizing & Fitting Service
Designing bespoke uniforms which reflect your brand and motivate your staff is just part of our service. We also work closely with clients to ensure they have the perfect range of sizes and options for their team. We arrange on-site fittings and, if required, provide training so they understand how to properly fit garments.

Warehousing & Stock Management
Our systems provide detailed information about a client’s uniform usage – down to individual wearers if required. This enables us to forecast for clients and ensure they always have the correct stock for their current team. We maintain close relationships with our materials suppliers and manufacturers to ensure appropriate stock is available and manufacturing is swift.

Wearer Trial & Product Development
We encourage uniform wearer trials to ensure optimum functionality and durability. It also provides us the opportunity to work with stakeholders and receive vital feedback on the design.