Sustainability Manifesto & Brand Apparel Blueprint 1.0

A journey like this starts with looking at what we are doing as an SME now and how we can systematically change small things within our organisation and actually shout about what we are doing that supports our manifesto in the here and now!

Our resources are still limited but the game plan is the same as many others, and we look forward to continuing to engaging with innovators and organisations to see what can be adapted into Brand Apparel over the next twelve months as well as setting our own targets and goals for our Brand Apparel Blueprint 1.0 in 2024.

At Field Grey, our commitment to sustainability is not a fleeting statement. Our manifesto is a living document, a pledge that sets the course for our journey towards a greener future. Scrutinising our operations and identifying those pivotal, incremental changes that resonate deeply with our core values and many of our clients future thinking.

From the moment we formed, our design studio has defied expectations, commanding respect from a diverse clientele who value not only our design expertise but also our steadfast commitment to sustainable excellence.

Yet, it’s not just about what we create, but how we create it. The Selvedge Magazine article that sparked our manifesto painted a stark picture of an industry at odds with its own products: a surplus of 30% in manufacturing, with items made only to be wasted. This startling insight fuelled our determination to do better, to ensure that the uniforms we craft are not just for today but for many tomorrows—countering the disposable culture with apparel designed to last.

The Manifesto:

In the labyrinth of garment manufacture, a web of consumption and production honed over decades, our ability to meet consumer needs sustainably has been challenged. 

Nevertheless, the progress made by our team in 2023 has been significant, marking strides toward the ideals laid out in our manifesto for 2024.

Proud as we are of the quality and longevity inherent in our designs, we recognise there’s always room to grow, to elevate, to refine. Our sustainability manifesto is more than just words on paper; it’s the narrative of our future endeavours.

At Field Grey, we envision a world where fashion (Design) is where design and sustainability coexist not as trade-offs, but as synergistic elements of a new standard. We are committed to:

  1. Mindful Design: Each piece we create starts and ends with a focus on reducing our environmental footprint.
  1. Essential Production: We produce enough, not excess. We only produce small production runs to reduce excess and waste, our raw materials are eventually used as our clients require more products.
  1. Responsible Sourcing: We vow to work with suppliers committed to ethical and responsible practices.
  1. Extended Use: We create “built-to-last” garments that offer enduring style and long-lasting wear, using materials that have longevity
  1. Resource Efficiency: We aim to minimise waste at every production stage and recycle whenever feasible.
  1. Informed Choices: We aim to help our customers understand the impact of their clothing choices, promoting greater awareness.
  1. Collaborative Progress: We will seek out and partner with other responsible brands and initiatives to promote widespread change.
  1. Giving Back: In partnership with our clients, we embrace joint accountability for our products’ life cycles by offering repair workshops, styling guidance for brand-aligned repairs, and designing with recycling and reusability at the forefront.
  1. Answerable Actions: We will provide regular updates on our environmental performance, being honest about our challenges and milestones.
  1. Holistic Approach: Every team within Field Grey will adopt and uphold our commitment to sustainability.

By adhering to these guiding principles, Field Grey aims not just to meet but to elevate industry standards for environmental responsibility. Our commitment extends beyond our products to influence the fashion industry and contribute to broader environmental stewardship. 

At Field Grey, sustainability isn’t an add-on; it’s integral to who we are and what we do.

Brand Apparel Blueprint 1.0

Our ambition for sustainable innovation is crystallised in our Brand Apparel Blueprint 1.0 for 2024. This blueprint is more than a plan; it’s a declaration of our intention to not just participate in the sustainable fashion movement, but to lead it. With our blueprint, we are setting tangible goals, engaging with innovators, and adapting practices that make sustainability the standard in brand apparel.

  1. Technology and Academic Collaborations: We’re harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology and academic research to propel product development. By partnering with universities, we aim to bring innovative solutions to the table, tailored to our clients’ needs.
  1. B Corp Pre-Application: Achieving B Corp status is on our agenda. We’re exploring this certification with the aim of achieving B Corp status, to underscore our commitment to social and environmental standards.
  1. Engagement with Think Tanks: We plan to tap into the wealth of knowledge from ethical trading initiatives and other think tanks to fuel our inspiration and refine our sustainability strategies.
  1. Revolutionising Packaging: Our blueprint calls for a revamp of our packaging to be more eco-friendly, reducing our carbon footprint and contributing to a cleaner planet.
  1. Repair Workshops: We’re establishing repair workshops, both online and in collaboration with clients, to encourage the mending and upkeep of garments, thereby extending their life.
  1. Extending Clothing Lifespan: We will offer helpful hints to our customers on maintaining and prolonging the lifespan of their clothes, promoting a culture of care and repair.
  1. Recycling Support for Clients: Guidance on how to recycle garments effectively will be provided, assisting our clients in contributing to a circular economy.
  1. R&D on Materials: Continuous research and development into raw materials and sustainable alternatives remains a cornerstone of our blueprint, ensuring our products are as eco-conscious as they are high-quality.
  1. Lifecycle Understanding: We aim to deepen our knowledge of our products’ lifecycle in collaboration with our clients, promoting transparency and responsibility from creation to end-of-life.
  1. Promoting Transparency in Procurement: Within our consultancy team, we’re advocating for transparency in procurement processes, especially encouraging large multinationals to adopt this practice.
  1. Supplier Code of Conduct: We have established a Supplier Code of Conduct to ensure our partners are aligned with our ethical standards and commitments.
  1. Factory Transparency: We commit to exposing our factories to ensure accountability, fair labour practices, and to build trust with our clients and stakeholders.

As we move forward, we do so with the knowledge that our resources, while finite, are mighty when fuelled by vision and resolve. Field Grey is ready to not just join the conversation but to amplify it, proving that the measure of a studio’s influence is not its size, but the strength of its commitment to change.