Science and Industry Museum

Field Grey Uniform Design MSI Manchester Softshelll Jacket
Field Grey Uniform Design MSI Manchester T-Shirt Lanyard

Field Grey Uniform Design MSI Science Industry Museum Manchester Lanyard Pin Badge
Field Grey Uniform Design MSI Manchester

Manchester brand agency Hemisphere introduced Field Grey to Science and Industry Museum Manchester (formerly MSI) to assist with developing a range of uniform solutions for its staff, covering all areas of the museum. Their lively team of ‘Explainers’ offer a hands-on approach to learning and they required a uniform that considered their active, physical roles.

Approach / Uniforms were required for a variety of roles, covering both staff and volunteers. Field Grey’s solution utilised the museum’s new branding, devised by Hemisphere. The logo, a hexagonal design enveloping a plus symbol, was named the ‘atomic bolt’ device. This harks back to Manchester’s industrial past and references the splitting of the atom and the future potential of the new superconducting material graphene, which was first discovered in the city in 2003.

A screen-printed design was applied to a vibrant orange t-shirt, a museum brand colour, in both short and long-sleeve options. These were teamed with a selection of off-the-peg garments in navy, including trousers, boiler suits and softshell jackets, allowing team members to customise their individual looks and stay warm in the process.

A range of accessories was also developed, including colourful enamel badges that can be worn on identification lanyards, which were detailed with the atomic bolt symbol. Field Grey also produced identification cards.

Science and Industry Museum Manchester is a major science, transport and industry museum with a focus on the city’s vast achievements in these fields. It is part of the Science Museum Group, which includes London’s Science Museum and the National Railway Museum in York.