Pennethorne’s Café & Bar


Inspired by 19th century architect Sir James Pennethorne’s grand tour across Europe, the menu at Pennethorne’s serves classic European dishes from Italy, France and Spain — with a modern British twist, naturally. Food and services provider Compass Group called on Field Grey to develop a uniform to complement the restaurant’s heritage.Approach / Field Grey carefully designed a uniform solution to reflect the bar’s homage to Victorian grandeur.

Results / A distinctive apron design fulfilled the request for oversized belts and gathered skirts, while Victorian-style mourning brooches in jet black are worn on ruffled, high-collared white shirts. Vintage cravats were sourced for the male staff and are paired with a simple apron.

Compass Group / With over 470,000 employees and a presence in 50 countries, Compass Group provides food and support services to customers ranging from schools and colleges to leisure and remote environments. Combining local knowledge with culinary expertise, Compass Group is the market leader in a competitive industry.