Senegal Airlines


Senegal Airlines is a relatively young airline, only taking its first flight in 2011, and the result of an innovative partnership between the Senegalese state and the private sector. Field Grey was asked to develop a uniform solution for its crew that was lightweight enough to deal with the African climate but could still provide comfort in colder European temperatures.Approach / To meet strict lead-times, Field Grey sourced off the peg uniform garments that could be combined with bespoke accessories in the brand’s colours. Pilots wear full traditional double-breasted uniform and wings, together with hats featuring traditional gold leaf embroidery. Other cabin crew sport accessories including tie pins, scarves and ties.

Senegal Airlines / Based in Dakar and backed by Emirates, Senegal Airlines is already the national carrier of Senegal. It aims to become the leading carrier on the continent – focussing on elegance, quality, comfort and security.