Deutsche Telekom


Field Grey collaborated with Interbrand, on behalf of Deutsche Telekom, to develop a usable set of uniform guidelines for 10 European Deutsche Telekom territories. The aim of the process was to provide the participating countries with guidelines which reflect the brand position of Deutsche Telekom and give some flexibility in terms of local requirements. The launch of the guidelines culminated in an international workshop.Approach / Field Grey’s task was to deliver guidelines across all areas of Deutsche Telekom that both emphasised the importance of the brand’s position and offered practical guidance on how to create a uniform solution from scratch.

Key to the guidelines’ direction was the concept that this was no longer corporate wear or uniform, but Branded Fashion.

The guidelines covered three key areas: the Business line, the Service line and the Event line. Each of these three lines had very different demands, both on the garments selected and the approach to brand positioning.

Interbrand / Interbrand is the world’s leading brand consultancy, with a network of 31 offices in 27 countries.

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