Nude Skincare

An original range of organic, ethical skincare, NUDE Skincare uses high performance natural ingredients and pursues responsible business practices – values which extended to the uniform brief for a smart, ethical and aspirational uniform design.Approach / In response, Field Grey designed a uniform which breaks with the tradition of white lab coats or T-shirts at skincare counters.

A grey cotton dress and fitted male shirt were created in 100% organic cotton to complement the products’ muted natural colours. Both were produced in the UK to support local industry and reduce air miles. The dress has a choice of two belts, a cummerbund or sash, and the fitted shirt is worn with Katharine Hamnett organic golfing trousers. For a completely ethical uniform solution, shoes are by Birkenstock and Terra Plana, both leading sustainable fashion brands.

Nude Skincare / Founded in 2007, NUDE Skincare was brought to life by ethical entrepreneurs Bryan Meehan and Ali Hewson, and is now available worldwide.