The YOTEL brand is ushering in a new attitude for the hotel industry. Field Grey was briefed to create a modern, high-tech look that reflected the confident outlook of both the company and staff.Approach / Field Grey identified partner brands to create items such as the bespoke New Balance trainers and ‘neck pods’, which hold both name badges and security passes. Based on the minimal white design of the iPod, the ‘neck pods’ were developed specially for Yotel.

References to airlines and the modern business traveller, as personified by Puma 96 Hours and Prada, were the inspiration behind the project. MAC cosmetics created a bespoke make-up look and hosted a styling and grooming masterclass.

Yotel / YOTEL is a hotel concept from Simon Woodroffe, entrepreneur and founder of Yo Sushi. YOTEL’s mission is a radical new solution to expanding global travel, combining the luxury of business class air travel with Japanese capsule hotel minimalism.